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Ruthless. Cold. Savage. 

As the eldest son of the Gallagher family, I had to learn early to be emotionless and fearless as part of being groomed to one day be in charge. My father’s last words to me were, “Don’t trust them. Make them pay for killing your mother.” Who was he speaking of? The Italians? The Irish? The Russians? One thing for certain is the alliance between our clan and the Italians is over, but we can’t show our hand without first deciphering who’s the enemy. Until we know for sure, they all are.

Aurora Valentini is the daughter of the most powerful Italian Mafia family in New York. The sheltered princess is …

Mine to claim.

Mine to own.

Mine to break.

It doesn’t matter that she is betrothed to another man. As the new Clan Chief to the Irish throne, my plan to infiltrate the Italians to strengthen our empire and avenge my father’s murder rests solidly between her thighs. Her virginity is the chess piece in this unannounced war.

Once Aurora is abducted from her gilded cage, I will destroy her innocence—the purity her father holds sacred. Her only way out is through my ownership.

Ruthless Crown: An Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Romance
(The Gallagher Crime Family Book1) 

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