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Quiet. Reserved. Ambitious.

I’m like a caged bird. I attend an ivy league university to follow the path laid out for me when I all want to do is to be free to dance. The life planned for me was a lie, and I had no idea how much so until one incident unravels my true purpose.


Sexy. Kind. Mysterious.

My heart was never up for grabs. Growing up in the streets, I had to fight to survive. Love wasn’t a luxury that I could afford, and it didn’t pay for food or shelter. Now I have been thrust into an unconventional kind of fight. One that wagers on me letting go of the only thing that I have left. I’m in an impossible predicament…I lose either way.

London and Hudson’s path collide from varying spectrums of life. They’re the two newest half gods and their quantum entanglement is necessary for the war ahead of them. Their emergence has put them on the radar of other supernatural beings that wish to make them extinct before they can master their powers. They’ve been recruited to the Legion of Supernatural Academy where only four other half gods attend. As their numbers increase, so does the danger they’re in. This unique series takes the world of supernatural academies to new heights with twisted tales, suspense-driven fantasy, and self-discovery.

Quantum Entanglement: Part Three


Legion of Supernatural Academy Series

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