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It's implausible to think one’s entire existence can be redefined within a month, yet that is exactly when a different life was assigned to me—one that I didn’t ask for.

One month ago, I was safe and so was my secret.

One month ago, I wasn’t being told I was a demigoddess.

One month ago, I wasn’t entangled with a hot demigod that is emotionally unavailable.

Half gods aren’t known to exist on earth until now. Our abilities are second only to Gods in the supernatural hierarchy. Our mere existence is a threat to the balance of power. They are coming for us, but the question is ... who are they?

Imogen and Rhys are quantum entangled. Their emergence has put them on the radar of other supernatural beings that wish to make them extinct before they can master their powers. They’ve been recruited to the Legion of Supernatural Academy where only two other half gods attend. As their numbers increase, so does the danger they’re in. This unique series takes the world of supernatural academies to new heights with twisted tales, suspense-driven fantasy, and self-discovery.

Quantum Entanglement: Part Two


Legion of Supernatural Academy Series

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