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The last time I saw Silas, I said some hateful things, and then I ran. After I chased him off with my hurtful words yet again, he gave up on us. He has the person he’s supposed to be with, so I’m of no consequence. My heart still aches for him because he didn’t fight for me. For us. Did he ever want there to be an us? I hated how things ended, but I hated even more that things were irreparable.


Letting my guard down for the appeal of innocence and naivety, I was foolish to think those attributes weren’t a threat. In hindsight, Brennan was the most dangerous of them all. She slipped through my defenses and made me want something that has no place in my life. Love. I could honestly see myself building something with her. Then out of nowhere, Jasper returned, bringing with her all the dormant feelings that I thought were long gone. My present and my past collided, taunting me—exposing my one weakness.

Secrets, lies, and unexpected surprises arise, challenging Silas and Brennan to reevaluate what they thought to be true. Can they navigate through the conflict to find their way back to each other, or will his past history become their new reality?

Silas: Part Two


A Playboy's Lair Duet

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