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Maverick has been down this road before, but this time around, the stakes are much higher. 

He warned his bandmates against distractions, but he ended up breaking every rule he established. For her. He allowed her to get too close, and she betrayed his trust and that of the band. Will this mistake sever the ties between Phoenix Rising and Reckless Ambition? Can their reputation be restored?

Guinevere never expected to be the source of contention between the two bands. She is accused of putting the tour in jeopardy when an enormous secret is leaked to the press. Her quest for financial independence as well as the crumbling pieces of her heart are at stake if she can’t clear her name. As the band’s publicist, can she bury the scandal that plagues them? If she’s allowed to keep her job, can she endure the rest of the tour while witnessing Maverick morph back into a manwhore?

With fame comes jealousy, deceit, and ulterior motives. With these contingencies constantly at play, distraction comes at a cost. And the price is too high!

Can Maverick and Guinevere find their way back to each other with their worlds crumbling around them?

Reckless Ambition: Issue #3 puts a rock star twist on novels like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Steel Brothers Saga!

One click to see why readers are saying this rock star romance is making their bodies thrum and their hearts sing.


Reckless Ambition: Issue #3

(Pretty Boy Rock Series) Book #6

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