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Once upon a time, Phoenix was Harlow’s light — her navigator from the brink of unsalvageable.

That man is now unrecognizable, but she refuses to believe their connection has been severed. The question is, can she endure the heartache to ensure that they both come out on the other side?

The Phoenix Rising tour has spiraled into a journey of secrets, consequences, deceit, and betrayal. Nothing is as it seems. A game of wits has been initiated, one that Phoenix can’t afford to lose. With everything on the line, he must play devil’s advocate and leave everyone, including his bandmates, in the dark. 

His demons embrace the light ... ready to play ... ready to engage.

Harlow was the one good thing in Phoenix’s life besides music, yet if he doesn’t pull off the ultimate deception, he may lose them both. The old Phoenix has been conjured, his darkness has been exposed. Time to prevail or leave it all behind. Challenge accepted!

Phoenix Rising: Issue #3 puts a rock star twist on novels like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Steel Brothers Saga!

One click to see why readers are saying this rock star romance is making their bodies thrum and their hearts sing.


Phoenix Rising: Issue #3


(Pretty Boy Rock Series) Book #3

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