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Seventeen years ago, Eric Quinetti was the first guy to ever see past Chloe Seal’s quirkiness and social ineptitude. He was both the perfect guy and her best friend. They were inseparable until his family moved during their eighth grade year.

Vowing they would stay in touch, Eric gave Chloe a special Christmas gift and a sacred promise was made. However, with distance and time, their communication faded. Through the years, Chloe sought to find a similar connection — something real. After many futile attempts, she unexpectedly runs into Eric at a Christmas party. As adults, their lives have taken different paths. Eric is a traditional guy with an old soul and witty sense of humor. Chloe is a labeled party girl who lacks direction and confidence. 

Will their Christmas reunion evolve into more than just a friendship or will their differences be a barrier to their sacred promise?

Her Favorite Christmas Gift (A Christmas Romance Book 2)

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